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How to know Ueno Station quickly

JR Ueno Station is one of the major stations on the Yamanote Line that runs around the center of Tokyo.
When you enter the central ticket gate, which is the largest entrance, there is a Shinkansen platform on the right side.
Besides Shinkansen, Ueno Station is also a station where many limited express trains depart.
Then heading to the platform of the busiest Yamanote line.
Many popular restaurants are lined up just out of the Shinobazu gate, it also leads to Ameyoko street.
Park gate is located on the opposite is connected to Ueno Park.
There are many routes mixed in, so use the information center if you get lost.
In addition, as the station yard is like a shopping mall, you can enjoy just looking around in addition to meals.
There is a panda bridge in front of Iriya gate, and there is a space that is a little quiet for relaxing.
Coming back to Central gate just after walk around the station yard.
As a meeting location, I recommend the cafe and the statue of wing in Central gate dome.
In addition, JR Ueno Station is connected to subway Ginza Line and Hibiya Line,
Keisei Ueno Station is also right next door on foot.

Map of Ueno Staion