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Very easy to go and find typical Japanese atmosphere

Ueno Park spreads over just out of the park exit of JR Ueno Station.
There are many cultural facilities such as museums in the park.
A lot of street performers gather in the fountain open space in front of Tokyo National Museum in the center of the park.
Ueno Zoo, which is nearby, is famous for pandas and is visited by many children.
In addition, Ueno Park is famous for cherry blossom viewing, and very crowded at the flowering time of the cherry blossoms.
There are also many shrines in the park, especially Ueno Toshogu is popular by its beautiful sights.
There are a beautiful pond, Shinobazu-no-ike, at the south side of the park, and in summer, it will be covered with lotus showing a beautiful scenery with green leaves and pink flowers.
It is recommended as a park where you can enjoy the Japanese atmosphere conveniently just in center of Tokyo.

Map of Ueno Park