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How to avoid not get lost in Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station, the symbol of Tokyo, is roughly divided into two parts.
The Marunouchi entrance facing the Imperial Palace and the Yaesu Exit on the opposite side.
The Station, which has the largest number of platforms in Japan, is far larger than you might imagine,
but if you know the location of these two exits, you will not get lost.
In just center of the station there are Shinkansen platforms .

Unlike the brick retro Marunouchi entrance, the Yaesu entrance has a modern design.
The Marunouchi is a city lined with high-rise buildings and cafes, but Yaesuguchi is an image of small companies and taverns.
Both sides of the station are connected by three aisles, but there is also a passage through without buying a ticket.

Each exit of Marunouchi, the inner side of the circle is characterized by an impressive dome-shaped architecture,
and is also connected to the subway's Marunouchi Line.
The square in front of the station leads to the Imperial Palace and is visited by many tourists.

Remember the platform to Tokyo Disneyland takes a bit long walk inside.

Map of Tokyo Station